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 Viking era
 Oseberg ship

The Ouayside and the old warehouses were restored in 1978 - 80. After having been forgotten for many years, this area has now become the most popular place for a summer promenade, shopping in excluslve shops or a visit to the summer shows. There are restaurants, marina, benches, flower barrels and crowds of people, all in maritime surroundings.

Perhaps the most important landmark in the town is Castle Hill (Slottsfjellet), the tower standing on the hill. Every year in july there is a big rockfestival called SLOTTSFJELL you must visit.

It was erected in 1888 as a memorial to Tønsberg Fortress, of which just fragmentary ruins remain today, and Haugar Art Museum (Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum) - located in the former Seamen´s School in the middle of Tønsberg. The museum was established in 1993 as a foundation created by Vestfold county and municipality of Tønsberg. The museum is a division in Vestfold County Museum Authority. Haugar Vestfold Art Museum is located in the parkland between the site of the ancient assembly of Haugating and the two Viking era mounds.

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