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 Thor Heyerdahl

Far far below the Beech forest in Larvik lies Farriskilden (Farris Well). Here, the water is purified and filtered for 20 years by nature itself, before it comes from King Olav Vs source, crystal clear and clean, with a unique mineral content. This year we celebrate 100 years of natural mineral water. And although Farris has become a permanent companion, it is simply no matter of course. Nature determines. Something we also made it do in our centennial mark.

Larvik is famous for its" beautiful Beechwood (Bøkeskogen) and Farris Well have their source and where Mølen, with its" burial mounds from the Iron Age, forms the end of the moraine as it slopes into the sea. The "Ra" dams Farris lake, which is the source of drinking water for the greater part of Vestfold´s population.

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