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Ægir Brewery the Beer of the Year award from the food awards in Norway, January 5th 2013. Ægir is one of the best craft breweries in Norway. Ægir beer is world-class, and has won gold, silver and bronze medals in international competitions.

Ægir has an exciting story to tell; it started with beer, but it doesn´t end there – it also makes its own aquavit!

Ægir BrewPub

The Ægir BrewPub building at Flåmsbrygga is now one of Flåm´s biggest attractions. The building style is inspired by Norse mythology, with the exterior reminiscent of a stave church. Inside are driftwood walls, dragon heads and a feature fireplace that radiates warmth and cosiness, with a chimney extending 9 m through the middle of both storeys. Ægir beer and food

Our philosophy is Ægir beer in and with the food. Our menus are based on Viking history and local ingredients. Marinades combining Ægir beer, hops, herbs and spices bring an extra dimension to ingredients and sauces, putting a distinctive stamp on the dishes we serve. Lunch and dinner are served in our first-floor dining area. With the chimney from the fire below as a central feature and its combination of small and long tables, this is the perfect place for a romantic dinner for two, for meeting up with friends or for a work outing.

Ægir outlet

Ægir BrewPub has a small outlet selling beer up to 4.7% proof, souvenirs, beer and schnapps glasses, T-shirts and caps.

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