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  Flåm Railway

Kårdalsfossen waterfall with a height of approximately 200 meters. Most people will see most of the waterfalls along the Flåmbanen by train. Once you´ve taken the Flåmbanen you can descend along a spectacular large waterfall (Myrdalsfossen) to Kårdalsfossen.

Norwegian gjetost ("goat cheese") has a unique caramel flavor and color. It owes its unusual character to a different production method: milk, cream, and whey are boiled, caramelizing the lactose and yielding the unique sweet flavor of this cheese.

A cheese made only from goat´s milk is called pur chevre. Mi-chevre ("half-goat") cheeses are also sold, which are made from half cow´s milk and half goat´s milk. Some chevres are wrapped in leaves, herbs, or even bacon. They may be served over salad, in pasta, or with crackers or toast.

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