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The Cobalt Mines are three kilometres in length from north to south. This is where the cobalt ore was discovered in 1772 and laid the foundations for Norway´s largest manufacturing company. The unique cultural landscape was formed by the miners who dug out millions of tonnes of stone from the mountain. At the Cobalt Mines, you can experience the enormous quarries with viewing points for all visitors. Look down into the deep gorge, or experience the magnificent view over Tyrifjord.

Join a guided mining tour around Clarastoll. The tour takes you through an incredibly beautiful mine with adits, winzes and gullets. This tour runs several times a day. Experience a mixture of mystery and history in the underground world.

Spring 2017 we open a new and spectacular attraction in the Cobalt Mines: a "floating" glass floor. It is suspended in mid-air in the Edvard Shaft, 400 meters inside the mountain. Here you can test your own limits!

You can get a real kick out of the Historic Mine Tour in Clara Stoll, if you are willing. Midway into the mines, the new glass floor appears to be suspended in mid-air. Once you step out onto the floor, the shaft below will light up and you will be able to see the original wooden flooring of the mine, 20 meters below.

The Mines

It is free to go into the Forhåpningsstollen gallery, and you can experience what it might be like to wander through a mountain. Look at the pages on the mining tours for more information. If you are curious about experiencing underground tunnels, you can follow the cobalt vein with our guide. When you stand in the fantastic halls inside the mountain, you will see how people utilised natural resources over 200 years ago.

The Mining Museums

The buildings at Gruvetråkka yard have been reconstructed in their original form and converted into museums, which are free of charge. This is where you will find out about working methods and equipment from the mining era with a glimpse of the Works abundant archive material, which is available to the public.

In the Sorting House, or Scheidehuset, you can enjoy an exhibition detailing the significance of the mineral in the past and nowadays. On the first floor is the school museum, which presents the three schools at The Royal Blaafarveværk. It was in the Sorting House that the cobalt ore was sorted by hand by boys between the ages of 11-18. The worthless grey stone was thrown in the slag heap, which formed the characteristic industrial landscape at the Cobalt Mines.

The Miner´s Inn is a natural meeting point at the Cobalt Mines. This is where we serve our homemade food in a lovely setting. We also have a miners shop, which sells our mine-ripened cheese. The miners shop is an information centre for the mines and also sells tickets for the various tours.

At the Cobalt Mines, you will find designated paths with superb viewing points. Gruveåsen Cultural Path and Around the Quarries.

The Theodor Kittelsen´s Museum is found in the Cobalt Mines. It used to be the living quarters for the miners, and today it creates a superb backdrop for the exhibition of our national artists who portray this landscape and the Norwegian countryside in their own unique way.

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