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 The Royal Blaafarveværk

The Theodor Kittelsen´s Museum is found in the Cobalt Mines. It used to be the living quarters for the miners, and today it creates a superb backdrop for the exhibition of our national artists who portray this landscape and the Norwegian countryside in their own unique way. The Kittelsen Museum at the Cobalt Mines presents the largest collection of works by the beloved artist Theodor Kittelsen. His woodcarvings, oil paintings, watercolors and drawing portray mystic Norwegian landscapes and creatures.

Theodor Severin Kittelsen was born in the coastal town Kragerø in the southern Norway in 1857, and his boyhood was pleasant and harmonious one.

Theodor Kittelsen and his family settled in a home and artist studio which he called Lauvlia near Prestfoss during 1899. Kittelsen spent his best artistic years here. During this period, Kittelsen was hired to illustrate Norwegian Folktales (Norwegian: Norske Folkeeventyr) by the Norwegian folklore collector Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe. In 1908 he was made Knight of the The Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav. However, he was forced to sell and leave Lauvlia in 1910 as his health began to fail. He was granted an artists stipend in 1911 but died a broken man in 1914.

Kittelsen´s style could be classified between Neo-Romantic and naive painting. As a national artist he is highly respected and well known in Norway, but doesn´t receive much international attention, which is the reason that his name is often not included in registers of internationally recognized painters and artists.

Lauvlia, his former home, is located north of Prestfoss along Route 287, with scenic view of Lake Soneren. The surrounding area, in particular Mount Andersnatten which overlooks the lake a few kilometres north, inspired some of Kittelsen´s most famous landscapes. Today Lauvlia is a private museum featuring an exhibition of Kittelsens original work. Lauvlia is decorated with Kittelsen´s own woodcarvings and murals. A new exhibition of original Kittelsen works is opened each year with painting and drawing activities arranged for children. The paintings exhibited are rotated each year.

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