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Sigdal is a municipality in Buskerud county. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Prestfoss. Sigdal has plenty to offer in summer as well as winter. The shifting mountain and forest terrain is ideal for long walks, and there are magnificent mountains waiting to be climbed. The bare face of Andersnatten has proved irresistible to many a mountaineer. There are well marked paths running between cabins and "seter" or mountain dairy farms. Surrounded by tarred timber walls, turf-covered roofs, and thc sound of cow bells, you will expenence old-fashioned mountain dairying and taste real "seter" cheese.

On warm summer days, the fjords, rivers and mountain lakes are full of bathers. Come evening, you can rent a boat, use your fishing permit and try your luck. There is excellent hunting for hares, grouse and elk in the forests and mountains of Sigdal and Eggedal. We also have reindeer, and you can use your hunting permit in several places.

A number of ancient burial sites have been found just north of Haglebu, along an old mountain track. You can also visit Haglebu Mountain Church, at Grantangen. The church is built on historical ground, where the Norwegian forces fought one of Ihe last battles of World War II on 26 April 1945.

The magnificent natural surroundings have attracted artists and inspired many well known works of art. Sigdal and Eggedal has two of the best preserved homes of artists from the Golden Age of Norwegian art, Theodor Kittetsen´s home, Lauvlia, and Christian Skredsvig´s home, Hagan.

Th. Kittelsen build his home Lauvlia in 1899. This artist is well known for his many illustrations of fairy tales, his depictions of trolls and his poetic landscapes. The home is well preserved and represents the most important presentation of the artists life and work in Norway. Every year a new exhibition is organized considering a different aspect of production. Here the visitor can compare the paintings to the beautiful lake and mountains surrounding the home which inspired the artist to his most famous renderings. There is a guided tour of the exhibit.

The museums educational program is aimed at children in particular, in that one of the outhouses has many activities, and children and their guests can paint the motifs that inspired the artist using an easel. In addition there is a beautiful trail leading up the hillside where the visitor can see where the artist was standing. The museum is beatifully located by Lake Soneren, 30 km from the rural art gallery Modums Blaafarveværk.

Half an hour´s drive from Lauvlia, high in the hills above Eggedal Church, lies Christian Skredsvig´s home, Hagan. A remarkable house, made up of several ditferent buildings. Both house and contents are in much the same state as they were while the artist lived. On the walls hang his own paintings and drawings and those of friends and contemporaries. The unique collection contains about 150 works.

At both Lauvlia and Hagan you will be met by specially trained guides who will ensure that you have an absorbing and unforgettable experience . . .

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