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 The Vikings

Haraldshaugen is a national monument in Norway. Haraldshaugen, just over a mile north of the town centre. The monument is designed to symbolise national unity. The 55 ft. high granite obelisk rising from the 15 ft. earth mound stands for the unity of the realm.

Haraldshaugen is located in the northern suburbs of Haugesund. The monument consists of a large mound surrounded by a granite memorial stones with 29 smaller stones, one from each of the historic counties of Norway. At the top of the mound stands a 17 meters high granite main obelisk, with four bronze panels around the base. Each panel depicts important scenes from the life of King Harald I.

Haraldshaugen commemorates the Battle of Hafrsfjord which commonly dates to the year 872. The Battle of Hafrsfjord has traditionally been regarded as the point in which western Norway was for the first time unified under one monarch. Tradition holds that Haraldshaugen is the burial site of King Harald I, who died circa 933 at Avaldsnes on nearby Karmøy, south of Haugesund, but currently there is no clear archeological evidence of this.

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