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 Telemark Canal

Nissedal is part of the traditional region of Vest-Telemark. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Treungen. Nissedal is mostly located on the less rugged eastern shore of Nisser Lake.

The sandy shores of the lake is used for sunbathing, while the lake is used for swimming, boating, fishing and more. Perch, Trout, Lavaret and Arctic char are some of the fish species found in the lake. Due to its many campgrounds and places for outdoor activities, Nissedal has been nicknamed the Telemark Riviera.

Besides the lake, another attraction in Nissedal is the Nissedal Potholes (Jettegryene). Carved during the Ice Age, the giant´s kettle functions as a water park during summer months.Other attractions include mountains such as Hægefjell, Ånundsbufjellet, Langfjell, Skålfjell and Baremslandsfjellet.

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