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 Kvåsfossen waterfall

Lyngdal is located in Vest-Agder county. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Alleen. Some of the main villages in Lyngdal include Austad, Fleseland, Hæåk, Korshamn, Kvås, Skomrak, and Svenevik.

The municipal economy centers around wood processing, agriculture, and commerce. Tourism is also central to the community, with the beaches along the Lyngdalsfjorden and Rosfjorden being popular resorts during the summer.

Lyngdal is a coastal municipality that and borders Lindesnes municipality to the southeast, Audnedal to the northeast, Hægebostad to the north, and Kvinesdal and Farsund to the west. Lyngdal municipality includes the southern portion of the Lyngdalen valley which follows the river Lygna to the Lyngdalsfjorden in the south. The Lenesfjorden, Grønsfjorden, and Rosfjorden also are located in the southern part of Lyngdal.

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