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 Kvåsfossen waterfall

The Rosfjorden is a fjord in Lyngdal. The 12 kilometre long fjord runs from the town of Lyngdal to the North Sea in the south. The Austad peninsula lies on the east side of the fjord, with the village of Austad near the shoreline.

Rosfjord Beach, a popular sandy beach in the summer, is also located at the northern end of the fjord. There is both a campsite and a hotel near the beach. Accommodation with a Camping site a Rosfjord Strandhotel and several cottages.

The northern end of the fjord is the location of the Agnefest harbour, a deep water harbour which dates back to at least 1771. Because of the high salinity of the water, the fjord rarely freezes, making it a suitable harbour.

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