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tingvollost, kraftkar

Tingvollost´s cheeses have won a number of awards, both nationally and internationally. Blåmuggosten "Kraftkar" won in 2016 the World Champion World Champion at the World Cheese Awards in San Sebastian, Spain - as well as the Champion of Champions (the world´s best cheese through the 29-year history of the competition). All four cheeses of Tingvollost have won medals during the World Cheese Awards.

Tingvollost is a family-run farm that make white and blue cheese based on pasteurized cow´s milk from their own farm. Tingvollost was established in 2003 at Saghaug gard in Tingvoll municipality. The farm has a long craft history back to 1303 and today we live for four generations together on the farm.

The fermentation takes place in a separate farm mansion that was built in 2006. A wall next to the iron is the barn built in 2009. From here, fresh milk comes straight into the two-liter barrels of 700 liter capacity three days a week.

Only pasteurized cow´s milk is used from own farm to the mill. In 2014, we use about 200,000 liters of milk for our own cheese production. It goes with 10 liters of milk to make 1 kg of cheese. Annual production thus amounts to about 20,000 kg of cheese. In addition, the farm supplies about 400,000 liters of milk to TINE´s Jarlsberg production in the neighboring municipality.

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