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 Edvard Munch

From Løiten Brænderi (Løiten Brewery) to the lighting and what we today know as Løiten Lys.

In 1756 a burning ban was introduced in Norway, which did not cease until 1816. The reason was that drunkness had become a problem, all over the country. In 1816, however, the authorities made a total change, focusing on taxation of burning, and demand for minimum sales, rather than prohibition. Still stricter laws and regulations were introduced, and the time spent by the little brothers was over. Thus, the road was set for the Løiten Brænderi, which was established in 1855.

A selection of liqueurs, aquavit and other finished products was produced. However, it is said that many of the products were far from tasty and that Anders Løwlie, managing from 1865 to 1924, gained interest in improving them. He was still experimenting with spice supplements, and he traveled on several expeditions to find the best herbs. Karven, who was supposed to form the basis of Løiten´s so-so famous aquavit, he found at Dovre.

Løiten Brænderi is still one of Norway´s strongest brand names, and one of Hedmark´s most visited destinations. Here we find today what we know as Løiten Lys. Løiten Lys was started in 1991 as a one-man company in the basement of the residences of Løiten Brænderi, since they moved into the present premises in 1996. A few months later, the premises were burned by fire. The business and adventure center has since been reopened the following year and is today Norway´s largest producer of handmade candles. The main store extends over four floors and covers almost 3000 square meters in Løiten Brænderi´s buildings.

Light makers and designers are constantly working on new products, and work continuously for high quality, long burn time, and a beautiful appearance on the products, these are also values that will be set when new products are to be developed. The lights are high quality handcraft, and about 90 percent of all lights are designed and manufactured by Løiten Lys itself. The lights are handmade and a finished light may have been through up to eight different work processes. The lights are made of pure wax and stearin of the highest quality.

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