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 Færder Lighthouse

Bolærne is an archipelago in the outer part of Oslofjord, in the municipality Nøtterøy. The islands have a total land area of 2.6 km2. The largest island, Mellom Bolærne, covers 1.1 km2. The islands have been inhabited by fishermen from the 16th century. There was a coastal fortress from 1916 to 2002. The archipelago is included in the Færder National Park, which was established in 2013.

The Department of Defence took over this group of islands in 1916, and extension of defence buildings began, mainly on Eastern Bolærne. On Mellom Bolærne there can still be seen remains of old dwellings, amongst which the hunting lodge of the Count Wedel Jarlsberg, dated 1840 and a Russian prisoner-of-war camp from 1944. Eastern Bolærne is today one of the coast artillery´s exercise forts. Recruit school / military education (150). About 40 persons employed. No public admission on the islands. Safety zone, 50 metres.

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