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 Hellisøy lighthouse

The ferry quay on Fedje is the millennium site for Fedje municipality. You can wander on foot through the coastal landscape along the North Sea Coastal Trail, where the sea breeze and ocean spray are like balm for your soul.

Hellisøy Lighthouse is a very visible landmark on Fedje. Take a lighthouse safari to one of the fifteen destinations in the world really worth travelling to, as ranked by the British newspaper, the Observer, in 2003. You can also stay overnight in the lighthouse keeper´s house in authentic surroundings.

You can stay in comfort on Fedje, in traditional-style cabins down by the shore or in other accommodation. You can enjoy an excellent dinner and rent a wharfside cabin at the old trading station and inn, Kræmmerholmen. Boats for hire. Fedje also has the Holmen café which lets rooms. Further inland is Kroken cabin. Havstad Tinn, which sells pewter products and jewellery from its factory shop, is down by the quay. It also has a summer gallery and guest marina.

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