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  Fitjar Fjordhotel

Fitjar islands offer unique scenery, and constitute an important resorce for the municipality. Because of the special heather moors, proposals have been made to turn the area into a national park. Fitjar is a gathering of islands and rocks divided by shallow straits and channels.

Traditional shipping routes pass trough the area, and the municipality contains several trading posts dating back as far as 1648. The Fitjar islands are a popular boating destination. The communication to Fitjar is good. If you are going north to Bergen there will be a ferry every half-hour for almost all hours of the day. If you are going south, the new connection to the mainland, Trekantsambandet, enables you to go by car. The closest airport, Stord airport, is half an hour by car.

Fitjar municipality covers the northern part of the island of Stord and surrounding islands, while the municipality of Stord covers the southern part of the island. Fitjar is often called the island paradise in Sunnhordland. Possibly the most beautiful access to Fitjar is by the sea route.

If you love the outdoors, you will find that Fitjar has got it all. Whatever your heart might desire. You can take a walk in the forest, the hills or the mountains. The variety in the nature is impressing. There is a wonderful flora and the view is great, especially the view to the many bare mountains towards the sea at Brandasund, Fitjarøyane and Austevoll. It will only take an hour of walking before you are quite high up, so high in fact that you get that high mountain feeling.

In this area you will find a variety of activities: Fishing in the sea or in a lake Joining a boattrip with an old, restored, traditinol sailing yacht visiting a museum, walking in the mountains. There are a lot of possibilities. Further on Fitjar can offer its own blacksmith, tours by horse and cariole, interesting cultural heratige and a prospering musiclife and many active organizations.

Companies in and around Fitjar, Kværner Stord, Wärtsilä Ship Design, Fitjar Laks and Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted.

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