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 Bird cliffs

Værøya is the largest island in the island of Værøy, one of the outermost Lofoten Islands, between Moskenesøya and Røstlandet. The municipality´s administration center and only town is Sørland southeast on Værøya. Værøya is mountainous with steep mountainsides and sharp eggs, flater parts in the southeast. The island´s highest mountain is Nordlandnupen 450 moh. in the northeast. Southwest of the island lies Måstadfjellet landscaping area with animal life (seabirds).

In total, 1800 beaches in the world are be considered. In the 23rd place in the 50 best beaches in the world lies Værøy. Long stretched beach between Heimretussen and Prestholmen on the northwest side of Værøya. Much of the boundary is sandy beach, but lots consist of pebble beach. The beach is delimited on the basis of its size and because it is slightly negatively affected and displays typical designs. No rare species have been detected and the site is therefore considered to be regionally important.

Today Værøy also have a modern and efficient herring industry. Værøy have also a hand made chocolate factory. Lofoten Chocolate offer high quality chocolate to businesses and individuals.

In recent years, tourism has been increasingly significant for Værøy. Every day, a car ferry runs between Værøy, Røst and Bodø.

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