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 The Astrup Fearnley
 Museum of Modern Art

You will find many attractive bathing areas. Beaches along the coast and inland temperatures reach +20 degrees C especially in the south. In the north, temperatures may also be high enough to make swimming possible. Some of the larger hotels have swimming pools or there are leisure centres in many places. Bathing beaches are signposted along the roads - enquire at the local tourist office about bathing places available.

Huk Beach

Popular and highly frequented official free beach on Bygdøy close to the center of Oslo. Huge area with trees, grassland, rocks and beaches. Life guards in place. Getting there: Car or bus 30 from Oslo.

Tjuvholmen Bystrand Beach

At the Astrup Fearnely Museum tip of Tjuvholmen for young children and called museum guests to wade. Close to the center of Oslo.

Sydstranda (Ulvøya) Beach

Peace and silent. Sandy beach with some rocks, rocks, rocks and grass. Excellent clear water, most clearly in the round. Diving tower. Swim raft. Decent toilets. Getting there: By car keep left at the first crossing after the bridge. Take bus 85 or bike in high season. Get parking in the area. On the southern part Ulvøya close to the center of Oslo.

Bygdøy Sjøbad

Popular and free beach on Bygdøy. In the bay to the right of Kongsgården. Close to the center of Oslo.


Popular and free beach on Bygdøy. Below Kongeskogen on the tip of Bygdøy. Close to the center of Oslo.

Katten bad (Nordstrand)

Delicious, small sandy beach with gorgeous seabed conditions along Mosseveien, below Ljan. Close to the center of Oslo. Clearly, nice water. Delicious rocks and grasslands. Fine toilets with washable and beverage area right outside. Getting there: Bus 83 or 87 from Central Station. Small parking lot on the ground down from Mosseveien road. Difficult parking along Mosseveien (dangerous).


Two beaches, where the southernmost has great sand and delicious seabed conditions. Life guards in place. Lovely rocks, clear water. Near the parking and bus stop. Getting there: Bus 76 from Helsfyr or bus 87 from Jernbanetorget. Located at Bunnefjorden, southeast of Oslo.

Ingierstrand Beach

Clear waters, delicious sand both on land and in water. Great diving tower with several ledges. Clean toilets. Paradis for crab fishermen along the wall. Life guards in place. Wheelchair ramp. Showers. Floating docks. Two large parking lots in the immediate vicinity. Large grasslands. Getting there: By car or bus 87 from Central Station. The beach is located at Bunnefjorden south of Oslo.

Storøyodden Beach

On Storøyodden, outermost on Storøya. Bathing beach is where the planes took off when Fornebu Oslo Airport until October 1998. About. ten minutes by car from downtown Oslo. Great accessible for handicapped and disabled persons. Getting there: Bus 31 runs from Grorud and Tonsenhagen through downtown Oslo to Snarøya. About. ten minutes by car from downtown Oslo.


Central, right in town. Wonderful views of the inner fjord. Fine bathing both piers and beach. Fine sand, both above and below water. Farthest on Sørenga, between Middelalderparken (Medievalpark) and Sukkerbiten. Getting there: Anything that stops at Oslo S. Walk past the Opera House and beyond the Sørenga. Parking garage on Sørenga.

Nordstrand bad

Nice, small swimming area that lacks a part of getting top marks. Easy to get to if you live nearby. Clear water. Delicious hops brew. Fine lawns. Located at Mosseveien, below Nordstrand Station. Getting there: Bus 81A towards Greverud or "bathing bus" 87, if necessary. train to Nordstrand Station from Oslo S. No parking.

Kalvøya Beach

This official free beach is located on Kalvøya and lies just outside Sandvika, south-west of Oslo. The beach is just opposite the Henie-Onstad museum of Art (Sonja Henie) at Høvikodden.

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