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 World´s End

From Nøtterøy we cross Vrengen Bridge over to Tjøme, an island municipality furthest out in the Oslofjord towards tha fresh seas of the Skagerrak in Vestfold. The three main islands, Tjøme, Brøtsø and Hvasser together with lots of small islands with sheltered harbours is a well known holiday paradise where one can experience good bathing and fishing possibilities during the summer´s long and sunny days. Tjøme claims to have most sunny days in the year! Tjøme´s nature and contact with the skerries and the sea. There are 4 km2 of public ground on Tjøme.

Tjøme municipality area is 38,9 km2. and approximately 4.900 people live here pemmanently. During the summer there are between 20-30.000 residents on this popular holiday island, due to the 2.600 summerhouses here. There are restaurants, hotels, cottages to rent, camping grounds and a school camp.

Tjøme is also an attraction for those who seek the first sign of spring or the beautiful colours of autumn. The foaming spray from a raging sea over the rocks at Verdens Ende or the clear, calm days of winter can be a worth while experience. Do not forget to taste the unforgettable, fresh Tjøme cod or fresh shrimps.

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