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Dagali village stretches from Pålsbufjorden on the east to the border of the Hardangervidda National Park in the west, a distance of approximately 40 km. The river Numedalslågen runs though the village. Dagali had an airport, Geilo Airport, Dagali, that is no longer in use. Dagali features a subarctic climate with cold winters and somewhat cool summers, typical of higher altitudes. The site is currently used by Dagali Opplevelser, which offers outdoor recreational activities including water rafting and snowmobiling.

Dagali Church (Dagali kirke) dates from 1850. The church was constructed of wood and has the seating capacity of around 200 people. Dagali church was rebuilt and restored during 1972-73. Dagali Church is located off Norwegian National Road Rv 40, about 25 kilometres from Geilo.

Geilo town centre is a busy shopping district, bustling with people. Varied and pleasant, cafes, restaurants and accommodation, the old buildings at Geilo fields (Geilojordet), the chairlift up to Geilo Peak, all this makes Geilo town centre a pleasant summer experience.

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