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 Coastal Road

The administrative centre of the Gildeskål municipality is the village of Inndyr. Inndyr, has a population of about 900 and is the seat of the local council administration. There are also, amongst other things, a bank, post office, shops, petrol station, slipway, cafe and overnight accommodations there.

In Nygårdsjøen there is a bank, a service station and some shops. There are overnight accommodations in Kjelling and Kjøpstad. In Storvika there is a shop, a petrol station and lavatory drainage facilities for motor caravans. Camp site in Mevik. There are two overnight accommodation businesses in Sandhornøya, together with a cafe and grocer´s store. On the islands of Arnøyene, there are shops, petrol stations, fish landing stations and the Salmon Island resort.

In Fleinvær there is an overnight accommodation business.

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