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Mefjord Brygge are an all-year holiday resort located between the mountains and fjords on Senja island. Our main focus is active tourism, nature experiences, seasonal Activity Packages and deluxe tailor-made holidays.

The cod comes from the Barents Sea passing just outside mouth of the fjord and this provides a fantastic fishing all year in Mefjord, especially during March to May. There are many recommended GPS positions and fishing areas within a radius of 20 km. From Skreigrunndsdjupet to Fallbakken there are several interesting fishing areas.

Cod, pollack, haddock, cusk and catfish are the most common species in the area. You can encounter both big and small halibut. Halibut has been fished very well in recent years. This is most likely thanks to the fact that shrimp trawlers were prohibited in the fjords many years ago and halibut population was left to grow large. At Mefjord Brygge fishermen catch halibut almost daily in the season. Take the additional challenge and if you are lucky you will get it up from the depths. For instance Askebåen and Vesterbåen are both a well known halibut spots.

Mefjordvær is a fishing village located about 3.5 kilometres northwest of Senjahopen, along the Mefjorden on the northwest coast of the large island of Senja. Mefjordvær is a picturesque fishing village. It is surrounded by tall, beautiful mountains in one of the finest and most fish abundant fjords of the Senja island.

Mefjordvær is the outermost village in the fjord of Mefjorden, with the grand sea practically at the doorstep. The place is an old fishing station that has seen a lot throughout the centuries. At the bottom of the fjord of Mefjorden is a tiny place called Mefjordbotn.

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