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Morgedal is famous throughout Norway as the "cradle of skiing". Sondre Norheim lived at Øvrebø, a cotter´s cottage at the top end of the village and now a museum. He was an enthusiastic and gifted skier who was responsible for two revolutionary developments. The first was a simple heel binding which fitted the boot to the ski and the second was the to the ski itself, with a slight narrowing of the mid-section which made it easier to manoeuvre. That was all that was needed to make skiing a sport which, for the first few decades, was dominated by the people of Morgedal.

One of these was Olav Bjaaland, who, in his capacity as expert skier and craftsman, accompanied Roald Amundsen to the South Pole. The village has a hotel, boarding house and camping site. A new attraction, the "Norwegian Skiing Experience", should be finished by November 1993 when the Olympic flame is lit at Øverbø.

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