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 Lindesnes lighthouse

Lindesnes is located in the traditional district of Sørlandet. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Vigeland. Other villages in Lindesnes include Åvik, Høllen, Skofteland, Svenevig, and Vigmostad.

Lindesnes is a coastal municipality, with a long stretch of coastline to the south. It borders Audnedal municipality to the north, Lyngdal to the west, and Mandal and Marnardal to the east. The Lindesnes Lighthouse stands on the southernmost point of the mainland of Norway, nearly 1,700 kilometres southwest of Knivskjellodden, the northernmost point of mainland Norway.

The southern coast of Lindesnes is rugged and includes several fjords such as the Snigsfjorden and Grønsfjorden as well as many islands such as Svinør. The interior of the municipality follows the Audnadalen valley through which the river Audna flows south into the Snigsfjorden.

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