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 Reiårsfossen waterfall

Byglandsfjord village is located in the Setesdal valley along the Norwegian National Road 9 and the river Otra in the far southern part of the municipality, just north of the border with Evje og Hornnes municipality and at the southern end of the lake Byglandsfjorden.

The highest point in the area surrounding the village is the 762 metre tall Årdalsknaben, about 1.5 kilometres northeast of the village. The village itself sits at an elevation of about 207 metres above sea level. Byglandsfjord is located about 5 kilometres south of the village of Grendi and about 13 kilometres north of the village of Evje in the neighboring municipality. Byglandsfjord Station, the terminal station of the now defunct Setesdal Line was also located in this village.

The steamboat SS Bjoren travels on the Byglandsfjorden between the villages of Byglandsfjord, Bygland, and Ose during the summer months.

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