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 Flåm Railway

Stegastein is an unmissable sightseeing trip for any visitor to Flåm. Bus from Flåm via Aurland to the Stegastein viewpoint. This structure, which juts 30 metres out from the mountainside, 650 metres above the fjord, offers an unparalleled panorama. A more fantastic view of the fjord, mountains and surrounding landscape is difficult to imagine.

A sight to take your breath away, and a perfect place for memorable holiday photos. Stegastein is on the mountain road between Aurland and Lærdal, part of Norway´s National Tourist Roads initiative.

Moelven is a leading manufacturer for the building merchants in Scandinavia. The platform at Stegastein is both gravity and height as you walk beyond a 30 meter long half bridge built of lime wood, solid wood and steel.

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