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Locals have always known about the Himakånå rock formation, sometimes called "Little Trolltunga." Even though it´s a relatively modest 357 meters above sea level, all doubts about its impressiveness vanish when you reach it. Tucked away in a corner of Tysvær, is a special landscape. Oak, beech and birch all flourish in favorable microclimate and rich soil of the mountain.

The name, Himakånå, brings to mind a love left at home and taken for granted. The rock formation was always there, but for generations no one gave Himakånå a second thought. It is much smaller than Trolltunga, and only the brave dangle their feet over the edge.

Hindaravåg is a densely populated place in Hindaråvågen, on the north side of Boknafjorden. The village is located three kilometers west of Nedstrand town center in Stranda.

There are several ways to Himakånå, but the easiest to find is from Hinderåvåg via Hetland. Explore the cursors on the map to show parking and where the trail starts.

Once you have parked at Hinderåvåg, follow the walk eastwards past the church, across the bridge and up the hill. It is about 550 meters on asphalt before the trail starts. On the hilltop there is a red traffic kiosk and signs on. The trail is well marked from there.

The trail has some relatively steep parties, but is affordable for most regardless of age or shape. Good footwear is recommended. Besides being accessible by car, the peninsula Nedstrand is accessible via:

Bus: 246 Nedstrand - Skjoldastraumen - Aksdal - Haugesund

Speedboat: Stavanger - Ryfylke

Ferry: Fogn-Judaberg-Nedstrand-Jelsa

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