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 Kråkenes Lighthouse

Refviksanden Beach with its beautiful silver sand, this 1,5 km long beach is one of Norway´s finest swimming beaches. Refvik is approx. 10 km from Måløy. Vågsøy municipal campsite with WCs and showers. Pitches for tents, caravans and camper vans. Ask for more information at the tourist information office. One unusual phenomen is that all the houses in Refvik have a thick stone wall on one side. This is to prevent the houses being blown out to sea by the strong autumn gales that are funnelled down through the valley.

The Kannestein or Kanne Stone was formed by loose stones and the pounding of the waves over a period of thousands of years, and stands today as a 4 to 5 metres high, narrow-footed rock. Over thousands of years, ocean waves have ground the rock to the shape it has today. It is located in the village of Oppedal, approximately 10 kilometres west of the center of Måløy.

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