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 Villa Fridheim

Ringnes Gård is one of Norway´s oldest ancestral farms, belonging to the same family for more than 600 years. When you step out on the gangway by the park, in front of the white main building, you can sense the elegant history of this place. Authentic living rooms and salons invite to serenity and enjoyment in luxurious surroundings. With its intimate kitchen and open fireplace, where the guests can watch the chef cooking.

The hosts have never the less created a very informal and relaxed ambience. You will find space for coffee breaks and informal meetings in the salon and the room with fireplace. Delicate hotel rooms in light colours and exquisite materials. There is also a pub with sauna and outdoor bathtub! A property with the name Ringnes will naturally have high quality beer (Ringnes is a Norwgian brewery). Ringnes gives you manor house feeling, while maintaining personal warmth.

The Ringnes family started Norways biggest brewery, the Ringnes Brewery and Christian Ringnes used 40 million NOK into the rehabilitation of the dilapidated funkis-building the Ekeberg Restaurant. The inhabitants and visitors to Oslo, can now enjoy a Ringnes beer and have a amazing view.

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