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 Jensen Møbler

In 1880, Berger Factory was established by Jens J. Jebsen. Fossekleven Factory was established in 1889 by Jørg Jebsen, a younger brother of Jens J. Jebsen. Both were nephews of factory owner Peter Jebsen who operated a textile factory at Arna outside Bergen.

Berger and Fossekleven factories were situated at the waterfall Fossekleiva and were in operation until 2002. The former factory buildings now house the Berger Museum and the Fossekleiva Cultural Center. Fossekleiva Cultural Center and Berger Museum are located in the old "Fossekleven Fabrik". Berger Museum was reopened in 2015. It is associated with Vestfold Museum (Vestfoldmuseene). Based on Berger and Fossekleven factories, the museum shows the history of Norwegian textile history and has a number of displays relating to textile production.

Berger is a village in the municipality of Svelvik in Buskerud with the border of the neighboring municipality Sande. Berger lies on the western side of Drammenfjord. The town of Berger grew into an industrial center around the Berger and Fossekleven factories.

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