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Steinfjord is a characteristic fishing village in Berg on outer Senja in Troms. The site, which lies about three kilometers north of Skaland municipality, is located by the fjord by the same name. Steinfjord is currently living in tourism, and Steinfjord deep sea fishing is a successful player, with faithful European guests returning each season.

Skaland is a village and the administrative center of the municipality of Berg. Skaland is located on the shores of the Bergsfjorden on the northwest side of the island of Senja, about 15 km to the southwest of the village of Senjahopen and about 70 km southwest of the city of Tromsø. The village of Finnsæter is located about 4 kilometres across the fjord to the south.

Steinfjord is located along county road 862.

Camp Steinfjord is located in the village of Steinfjord on the northwestern side of the beautiful island Senja far up in the north of Norway. The camp carries a long tradition of fishing as this used to be the local fishing factory, which might also give you a clue about the quality of the fishing in the area. Our generous facilities offer you high class accommodations, a sea side restaurant with great food and all services needed for the perfect deep sea fishing experience in Norway.

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