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Jølster is located in the traditional district of Sunnfjord. Skei is the administrative centre of the municipality of Jølster. The village is located at the northeastern end of the lake Jølstravatnet.

Other villages in the municipality include Helgheim, Ålhus, Vassenden, and Langhaugane. The village of Helgheim, where the Helgheim Church is located, sits about 4 kilometres west of Skei on the northern shore of the lake Jølstravatnet.

Jølster lies at the centre of Sogn og Fjordane county and is known for its rich cultural traditions in home crafts, folk music, song, dancing, and creative arts. Agriculture is the largest industry in the municipality.

The principal attraction in Jølster is the scenery, with easy access to the glaciers Grovabreen, Jostedalsbreen, and Myklebustbreen. Jølster is home to part of the largest glacier of continental Europe, the Jostedalsbreen as well as a clear green lake named Jølstravatnet. The trout caught in Jølstravatn are renowned throughout Norway and beyond.

The Jølstravatnet lake splits the municipality in half, which creates a centre of population at each end of the lake: Skei in the eastern end of the lake and Vassenden in the western part, where the river Jølstra starts. A small end of the lake Breimsvatnet crosses over into the municipality of Jølster.

Jølster is bordered to the north by the municipalities of Stryn and Gloppen, to the east by Luster, to the southeast by Sogndal, and to the south and west by Førde. The Jostedalsbreen National Park lies partially in this municipality.

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