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Oppdal is one of Norway´s best ski resorts and is surrounded by national parks. A slate quarry exists. Heather and alpine meadows provide grazing for sheep in the summer. About 1,161 square kilometres of the mountains has been held since time immemorial as a collective by farmers in the area, giving them the right to hunt, fish, and rent cabins.

In the valleys there are creeks and rivers which are surrounded by spruce and pine woods; closer to the treeline, birches dominate. There are several lakes in the municipality, the most famous being Gjevilvatnet, a particularly scenic lake with hiking and cross-country skiing trails around it. The lake Fundin is located in the southern part of the municipality.

The main industries in Oppdal today are agriculture, tourism, and some light manufacturing. It has the largest sheep population of any municipality in Norway, with 45,000 head of sheep put out to graze in the mountains every year.

Most of Oppdal´s area is mountainous, with large areas above the treeline. At an elevation of 1,985 metres, Storskrymten is the highest mountain in the county. Other mountains include Blåhøa and Allmannberget. The Speilsalen tunnel was a glacial formation near Blåhøa.

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