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Hafslund Manor (Hafslund Hovedgård) is an estate located just outside Hafslund. At various times, it was owned by the industrialist and timber merchant Benjamin Wegner and by Maren Juel who regarded during her lifetime as the wealthiest woman in Norway. The property is now approximately 6,000 acres, of which approximately a quarter of the acreage is forested. About 2,000 acres leased for residential and industrial land. The first public record of Hafslund dates to 1344, at which time the farm was crown property.

Hafslund Manor dates from 1761. The manor house is located at the old Sandesund ferry site. It was built after the earlier Baroque building burned down in the autumn of 1757. Hafslund Manor has well-preserved buildings and interiors. The main buildings were restored in 1937.

Hafslund Manor is now a protected monument. The park surrounding the beautiful Hafslund Manor can be used year round. The manor is owned by the industrial group Hafslund ASA with the main building used for meetings and representation by the Hafslund Group.

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