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Hafslund E-CO AS is a Norwegian company, integrated energy and infrastructure group that is wholly owned by Oslo City Council.

Hafslund E-CO owns Norway´s second largest electricity generating company E-CO Energy AS, and Norway´s largest power grid company Hafslund Nett AS. In addition, Hafslund E-CO owns 49 per cent of the shares in Fredrikstad Energy AS, 100 per cent of the shares in BioEl Fredrikstad AS and a number of smaller shareholdings. E-CO Energi AS co-owns the project company Northconnect, which is planning a DC power line to Scotland.

E-CO Energi is Norway´s second largest hydropower generator, with a mean annual output of almost 13 TWh. This meets the electricity needs of approx. 650,000 households. It has a production capacity of approx. 3,350 MW. The company owns, operates and builds hydropower facilities, in addition to engaging in business development.

Hafslund Nett distributes electricity to 710,000 power grid customers in Oslo, Akershus and Østfold counties. By the end of 2018, new automatic electricity meters will have been installed at all its customers. These meters offer numerous benefits for both electricity users and Hafslund Nett. In future, they will also open the way for the provision of supplementary services. Hafslund Nett operates in the most densely populated region of the country, where population growth is expected to be greatest.

Through increased electrification, the business contributes to a cleaner environment at the local level and helps reduce global climate change.

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