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 Nidaros Cathedral

Munkholmen is an islet in the municipality of Trondheim. The 13,000-square-metre island sits in the Trondheimsfjord about 1,3 kilometres northwest of the island of Brattøra and the mouth of the river Nidelva in the center of the city of Trondheim. The islet has served as a place of execution, a monastery, a fortress, prison, and a World War II anti-aircraft gun station. Today, Munkholmen is a popular tourist attraction and recreation site.

Construction of a fort on the island began in 1658 following the Swedish siege of Trondheim during the Dano-Swedish War in 1658-1660. When it was completed in 1661, the fort was also used as a state prison for society´s rejects. Count Peder Griffenfeld, Munkholmen´s most famous prisoner, was transferred from the fortress of Copenhagen in 1671. Griffenfeld was kept at Munkholmen for 18 years, after which he was released, having contracted a terminal illness. From 1700 to 1704, the commander of the fort was Major Curt Christoph von Koppelow. The fort remained in operation until 1893.

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