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 Grip Stave Church

Grip is an archipelago, a deserted fishing village, and a former municipality about 14 km northwest of the city of Kristiansund. The Grip Lighthouse, one of the tallest lighthouses in Norway, is located on one of the islands of Grip. The historic Grip Stave Church is located on Gripholmen.

Grip has a long and stirring history so far back that the origin of the name is unknown. However we are centain that it was the abundance of fish in the sea surrounding these islends that lured the first inhebitants to Grip. Until 1964 Grip was the smallest municipality in Norway, but is today part of Kristiansund. The worst decline in the history of Grip was during the period between 1780 and 1820 because of several years of unsuccessful cod fishing as well as serious storm catastrophes.

In the annals of the church two serious catastrophes are recorded, which let the island nearly desolate. On the night of 28th of November 1796, during a powerful north-west storm, nearly hundred houses were washed into the sea by the huge waves and three people were drowned. Seven yeers later on the 24th of February 1804, the sea was again in turmoil and caused a lot of damage to houses and boats.

Today the island of Grip holds status as a deserted fishing village, but in the summer season it is a popular tourist attraction due to the very special location and architecture. Grip Stave Church, the second smallest stave church of Norway (Undredal Stave Church is smaller), is also located at Grip. It is also where Grip Lighthouse is located.

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