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 Grip Stave Church

Frei is a former municipality located in the present-day Kristiansund Municipality between the Kvernesfjorden and Freifjorden. The municipality existed from 1838 until 2008 and upon its dissolution, it included the island of Frei and the smaller surrounding islands, totaling about 65 square kilometres.

Freivatnet is a lake and located on Frei. The water is east, Storbakken and Riksvei 70. The surface is 60 meters above sea level. Freielva flows into the fjord, east of Freineset and Frei church.

The largest village on the island is Rensvik, located on the northern end of the island. Other main villages that were in Frei include the village of Nedre Frei, located on the southern end of the island and the village of Kvalvåg, located on the eastern side of the island. The main church for the municipality was Frei Church, located in the village of Nedre Frei.

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