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Johnny Winter performing "Johnny B. Goode" at the "Blues In Hell" blues festival (Hell Station). Blues in Hell is a music festival organized annually in Stjørdal with concerts. at Hell and Hell station. The festival was established in 2008 and was named one of the best blues festivals in Norway in 2010. Blues in Hell best of all blues festivals in Europe, the festival got a 2nd place for "best small festival».

The festival received the Nord-Trøndelag county cultural award 2013.

Hell is a quaint little village in Norway that´s the resting place of approx.1,666 souls. There are red-roofed houses, a post office, a grocery store, a rallycross track, even a church. It literally freezes over during the winter, which is yet another example of why its pun-friendly name draws tourists throughout the year.

Weirdly enough, hell means "luck" in Norwegian, but the locals play up their association with the netherworld. When you pull into the train station, there´s a sign that reads HELL - GODS EXPEDITION, and the town´s most famous native, Mona Grudt, who won the 1990 Miss Universe beauty pageant, proudly called herself "the beauty queen from Hell."

Trondheim Airport (Hell Airport), Værnes, is the closest neighbour, and one of Norway´s best salmon and sea trout rivers, Stjørdalselva, joins the fjord at Hell.

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