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Jonsknuten, known locally as Knuten, is the highest mountain in the municipality of Kongsberg. It measures 904 moh. Jonsknuten is a popular hiking destination.

At the Silverworks at Saggrenda, west of Kongsberg center, it goes to Knutehytta. From here one goes to the end of the gravel road, where a steep and rocky path takes one to the top. There is also a cable car from the end of the road to the top. The cable car is used for maintenance of the antenna system. Here is also a whirlpool mine.

Around the top on the north, west and south side is the Barmen nature reserve.

On top is the 92 meter high television tower, Jonsknuten, built in 1960-1961, with transmitters for FM and DAB radio, TV, GSM and health radio.

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