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Between the mainland and theese two islands there are two narrow passages called Kvalsundet and Vargsundet. Kvalsund municipality has a lot of fresh water lakes and the biggest is Doggevann, Nagjet, Nedre Saltvann and Trollvannet on Seiland. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Kvalsund. Other villages in the municipality include Áisaroaivi, Kokelv, Oldernes, Oldervik, Revsneshamn, Skaidi.

Stalloen on Kvaløya is approximately 4 km from Kvalsund. In the folklore of the Sami, a Stallo (also Stallu or Stalo) is a large human-like creature who likes to eat people and who therefore is usually in some form of hostilities with a human. Stallos are clumsy and stupid, and thus humans often gain the upper hand over them.

The Kvalsund Bridge (Kvalsundbrua) is a suspension bridge that crosses the Kvalsundet strait from the mainland to the island of Kvaløya.

The Seilandsjøkelen glacier is partially located in Kvalsund. Lakes in the municipality include Bjørnstadvatnet and Doggejávri.

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