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Stalloen on Kvaløya approximately 4 km from Kvalsund. In the folklore of the Sami, a Stallo (also Stallu or Stalo) is a large human-like creature who likes to eat people and who therefore is usually in some form of hostilities with a human. Stallos are clumsy and stupid, and thus humans often gain the upper hand over them.

The Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve contains the remains of ancient, large building foundations, considered by the Sami to be the remains of Stallone dwellings. There is also a huge stone placed on some small pebbles on top near Lake Giengeljaure named stalostenen, which literally means stone Stallo. Legend dictates that a Stallo would have placed a stone here to prove his strength.

Stallo occurs especially in two main types of folk tales and legends, either as man-eating troll or as a ghost or a demon sent by a witch. Stallos is evil and stronger than men, but also stupid, and it comes often to fool them.

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