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 Likholefossen waterfall

Huldefossen or Huldrefossen is the biggest waterfall in the Førde and Gaular area. Huldefossen is located behind the Jolster school in Mo. It is about 500 meters to walk across a wooden bridge and up along the river. The waterfall has about 90 meter long fall, and is one of the most photographed waterfalls in Fjord Norway.

From Førde it is a 10 kilometer drive to Mo over road 5/E39 towards Skei. There is a sign (in Mo) pointing to Huldefossen. Park the car at the big parking lot of the school. From here it is difficult to determine where to walk to. There is a sign but can be interpreted many ways. Behind the school you see a red and white shed. You have to walk in between them. After a hundred meter you will reach the bridge over the river Hulda. Here you already see the power and beauty of Huldefossen.

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