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 Søndre Folgefonna glacier
 Nordre Folgefonna glacier

Hardangerjøkulen (Hardanger Glacier) is the sixth largest glacier in mainland Norway. It is located in the municipalities of Eidfjord and Ulvik in Hordaland county. It is located about 16 kilometres northeast of the village of Eidfjord, about 5 kilometres south of Finse, and about 20 kilometres west of Haugastøl.

Hardangerjøkulen´s highest point is 1,863 meters above sea level, and is the highest point in Hordaland county. Its lowest point is 1,050 meters above sea level. The thickest measurement of the glacier was 380 metres thick, but it has been getting thinner during the 20th century.

The glacier is easily accessed from the north in the winter, from the village of Finse, which is only accessible by stopping at Finse Station on the Bergen Line. In the winter the highest point can be accessed from Finse using only skis.

The 1980 movie The Empire Strikes Back used Hardangerjøkulen as a filming location, for scenes of the ice planet Hoth, although in the battle scene, miniatures were used on a set that used microscopic glass bubbles and baking soda to mimic the snowy territory.

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