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 the City of Bergen
 Gateway to the Fjords
 Fjord Capital
 Hanseatic city
 Fish Market
 Edvard Grieg
 Mount Ulriken
 Coastal Steamer

The Fjord Capital has a, vide variety of activities ranging from "high" culture to lively football matches at the Brann Stadium. We have a professional ballet company, an exciting jazz and blues milieu, repertory theatres and imaginative revues. Norway´s very first theatre, Den Nationale Scene, and the Bergen International Theatre offer a broad spectrum of performances, while one of the world´s oldest symphony orchestras, Harmonien, holds Thursday concerts in the town´s splendid Grieg Hall.

In Bergen you´ll find just about everything from good accommodation to tea rooms to speciality fish restaurants, from small bistros to discotheques, bars and nightclubs. Ask a Bergenser where you should go and quite likely you´ll be directed to one of the town´s classic hostelries which has drawn customers for decades. There again, you may just as well be shown the way to a bistro which otherwise you´d never have found - or treat yourself at one of the town´s pastry shops. Bergen has some of the country´s most beautiful restaurant settings and some of the country´s best eating places - all you have to do is choose according to your desire, appetite and wallet!

The Hanseatic wharf Bryggen, the Fish Market composer Edvard Grieg´s home at Troldhaugen, Rasmus Meyer´s art collection, the Aquarium, Old Bergen and the Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten), one of the most famous tourist attractions in Norway, just to mention a few.

Bergen is host to part of the country´s large oil industry, as well as deep sea operations. Its harbours are used by everything from small pleasure vessels to cruise ships and cargo vessels, and is the base of many of the country´s fishing vessels. The World´s Most Beautiful Voyage START and END in Bergen.

 Airport Bergen Airport Flesland  Flesland
 Coastal Steamer The World´s Most Beautiful Voyage START and END in Bergen.  Ports
 NSB The Bergen Railway (Norwegian State Railway).  Bergen
 Coach Where the rail network stops, the bus goes further.  Bergen
 Ferry Fjord Line transportation between Norway and the Europe.  Bergen
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