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 Fulufjellet moutain

Ljørdalen is a valley near the border with Sweden. Through the valley, the river Ljøra, which comes from Sweden (Görälven) and flows into the Västerdalälven river, also runs in Sweden. The settlement consists of scattered forest farms and some more buildings around Ljørdalen church, built in 1872.

Ljørdalen school was shut down in 2010. Otherwise, the building has a wood industry, Fulufjellet ski resort and other tourist industry. Fulufjellet National Park was established in 2012, and borders on the Fulufjället National Park on the Swedish side of the border.

In the period 1858-1901, the timber lime plant Støa channel arranged for timber from Ljørdalen to flow west over the watershed of the Trysil-Klaravassdrag, and thus exploited in the wood industry there. The canal facility has been a museum since 1997, with outdoor play every other year since 2001.

The entire valley lies in a sandstone belt and the Trysil sandstone is county stone in Hedmark. The reddish sandstone is very decorative and is used eg. like either, tombstones and jewelry. 1,044 meters high Fulufjellet is the border between Norway and Sweden in Ljørdalen, Trysil east valleys.

In Fulufjellet you will find fantastic, untouched nature. The hunting, fishing and outdoor experiences you get here, you should look for long to find the make! This is wilderness in the right sense of the word - with firm bear tribe, lynx, wolverine and wolves. The area has such special qualities that Sweden has put its newest national park, Fulufjellets National Park, here. It is well worth a visit and you can experience Sweden´s highest waterfalls and learn a lot about the animals that are in the area.

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