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At the Bjørneskorten in Eggedal´s west mountain stands the statue "Madonna with the child" at an altitude of 1020 meters. The statue is located 100 meters outside the protected border of the Trillemarka-Rollagsfjell nature reserve, and from here there are magnificent views west to Storvatn, Buvatn and Gaustadtoppen.

In the south you can see Skodøl and Nedalsfjellet, and towards east Sølandsfjellet. The first part of the trail was laid in the summer of 2016 by sherpa from Nepal, this work continues in 2017. There is a steady rise all the way with a couple of slightly slacker parts along the way. A nice trip for young and old, at a steady pace, you are up in just over an hour. The story of the Madonna statue: Sigdal municipality inherited in 1989 a large forest area in the Trille valley and Trillemarka by Anne Margrethe Bugge.

The municipality received the property free of charge, but A.M.Bugge wanted a statue of Madonna to be erected inside the area. This was supposed to be placed on the Leinåsen west of Vinnordvannet, but when the authorities were afraid this would result in increased traffic in the nature reserve, it was placed where it stands now, at Bjønneskortanatten.

The Madonna statue should be a symbol of peace in the area. "Madonna with the child" is carved in light granite by Turid Angell Eng. It was unveiled and blessed on 20 June 2009. The annual Madonna march will be held in June.

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