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In 2016 construction on a stone stairway on the mountain was started due to the increased erosion and danger of rockfall from the high amount of visitation. The Nepali Sherpa team as completed all but the final 50 meters at the top of the mountain. So now the route is little more than a 1560 step stone staircase. It is likely the steps will be completed when funding can be obtained.

Reinebringen is located immediately west of the village or Reine, with the stairway beginning on the western side of Ramsvik tunnel, along the old road. 

Parking as become a severe issue since the opening of the stairway in July 2019. Moskenes Kommune asks that you only park in the following areas:

Free: Djupfjord view point. Located along the E10, 1.3km west from the trailhead. This is the largest free parking in the area.

Paid: Ytre Havn, Reine. Located in the outer harbor in Reine, 1.8km from the trailhead. Follow the sign posted ‘P’ since after turning into Reine. 50 NOK/day, 150 NOK/overnight.

Paid: Reine Kultursenter. Located just before the center of Reine. 150 NOK/day

The Trail

The stairway begins on the west side of Ramsviktunnel after following the old road around the outside of the tunnel. There is no longer much of a trail on Reinebringen. Simply follow the steps as they wind their way up the mountain.

After 1560 steps, they currently end at around 400 meters elevation. Leaving you with another 50 meters of ascent on the old trail. Fortunately, this is now above most of the previously dangerous steep areas full of loose rocks. Try to remain to the trail to avoid further erosion.

To reach the end of the ridge at the right, it a steep, muddy path just before reaching the summit. If it has been raining recently, then this will be slippery! Alternatively, once reaching the ridge, you can scramble over the slightly exported rocks on the right.

Reinebringen mountain is 448 meters high, far from one of the highest peaks on the Lofoten islands. The view, combined with the easy access from Reine and a constant flow of images on social media means that Reinebringen is one of the most popular hikes on Lofoten, with hundreds of people making the ascent each day. That said, the trail to the summit of Reinebringen is not really a hike, but rather a steep climb to a view point along the ridge.

Reine is situated on a promontory just off the European route E10 highway, which passes through the village. Reine is located immediately to the south of Sakrisøy and Hamnøy.

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