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 Svartisen glacier

Glomfjord is a village based around the Glomfjord hydroelectric power plant, which was the target of the 1942 commando raid entitled Operation Musketoon. Norsk Hydro, Norway´s greatest industry, established fertilizer production here in 1912. The facilities were bought by the state in 1918, but leased to Hydro in 1947 (now the fertilizer division is known as Yara International). Today a conglomerate of industries are found in Glomfjord Industry Park. The Forså and Sundsfjord hydroelectric power stations were also built to supply power to industry in Glomfjord in 1963. Glomfjord has a hotel, a bistro, a WaterLand (with two slides and two pools), and some beautiful mountains for skiing and snowboarding in the winter. There are tours with fishing, climbing, and other relaxing activities in the mountains during summer. Svartisen and the lake Storglomvatnet are tourist destinations that are near Glomfjord as well.

The industrial development was based on electrical power production in then new Glomfjord power plant from water coming from the Svartisen glacier and the lake Storglomvatnet and gathered in the mountains. In the bottom of Glomfjorden, Norsk Hydro (today YARA) started out producing fertilizers in Glomfjord. A conglomerate of industries is found there today in Glomfjord Industry Park. The municipality´s overall industries are some light industry, agriculture, forestry, fishing, salmon production, and tourism.

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