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 Coastal Road

Fleinvær is approx. two miles southwest of Bodø. The archipelago consists of a number of low islands, islets and reefs. It is said that Fleinvær has as many islands as there are days in a year.

Archaeological research shows that Fleinvær has been populated since the 8th century. Most of the settlements are located on the central islands of Mvær and Sørvær, with scattered settlements on the islands around these.

The Arctic hideaway Fleinvær is a plant on nine small houses designed for concentrated work, rest and peace of mind; Fleinvær has no cars, no shops but high sky and wide horizon. The facility is perfect for 6-12 people. The number of exclusive beds is 6. Each house has a function, ie there are four bedrooms, a sauna, a bath house, a kitchen house, a work house, and a think box.

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